• test
  • alright, this works for me if it has encryption

testmk [test2][test/test]

console.log("Hello World!");


  • INNOVE B - others
  • INNOVE C - …

    Alice->Bob: Hello Bob, how are you?
    Note right of Bob: Bob thinks
    Bob-->Alice: I am good thanks!

This is a WIKI

st=>start: Start
op=>operation: Your Operation
cond=>condition: Yes or No?

graph LR
A[Hard edge] -->B(Round edge)
    B --> C{Decision}
    C -->|One| D[Result one]
    C -->|Two| E[Result two]
%% Example with slection of syntaxes
        dateFormat  YYYY-MM-DD
        title Adding GANTT diagram functionality to mermaid

        section A section
        Completed task            :done,    des1, 2014-01-06,2014-01-08
        Active task               :active,  des2, 2014-01-09, 3d
        Future task               :         des3, after des2, 5d
        Future task2               :         des4, after des3, 5d

        section Critical tasks
        Completed task in the critical line :crit, done, 2014-01-06,24h
        Implement parser and jison          :crit, done, after des1, 2d
        Create tests for parser             :crit, active, 3d
        Future task in critical line        :crit, 5d
        Create tests for renderer           :2d
        Add to mermaid                      :1d

        section Documentation
        Describe gantt syntax               :active, a1, after des1, 3d
        Add gantt diagram to demo page      :after a1  , 20h
        Add another diagram to demo page    :doc1, after a1  , 48h

        section Last section
        Describe gantt syntax               :after doc1, 3d
        Add gantt diagram to demo page      : 20h
        Add another diagram to demo page    : 48h


scale max 600 width

title Network Example

cloud “Amazon Web Services” as AWS { component “Route 53 DNS” }

cloud “Anywhere” { component “User Machine” }

cloud “Corporate Data Center” as DC { component “Server A” component “Master DB” component “Server B” component “Replica DB” } ‘ links [User Machine] -up-> [Route 53 DNS] [User Machine] –> [Server A] [User Machine] –> [Server B] [Server A] –> [Master DB] [Server B] –> [Master DB] [Master DB] –> [Replica DB] 2 @enduml